More on Jewel Tones.....

I love the term 'jewel tones' -
Sounds like it refers to crystalline music: "the singer's jewel tones soared through the atmosphere..."

In fashion, jewel tones are as popular as ever.  They never go out of style..they are the clear, pure colors that people with a 'winter' skin coloring should wear ...some folks just look fab in purple, magenta and royal blue. This photo of some fashion stars courtesy of Team Sugar.

Of course, a garden dressed in jewel tones sparkles like no other. When planting out one of my landscapes I contrast deeply saturated hues with foliage plants. For example, this photo illustrates Impatiens 'Blue Bayou' mixed with the broad, green leaves of hosta and the whitish cast of Japanese Painted Fern. I find that intermixing plants such as this is better suited for a serenity garden than a 'monoculture' planting of impatiens or hosta.
 I also love the clear colors of deciduous azaleas, specifically the Northern Lights hybrids.  Here is 'Apricot Surprise' - a Northern Lights hybrid. Plants are 4 feet tall with doubled flowers of a distinct apricot-peach tone.

This planting is in a wooded area and is set against a leafy green backdrop. This makes all the difference when you want a color to pop out!  It's not so much the color as the effectiveness of the background.


  1. Jewel tones in a serenity garden. What a perfect combination.

  2. i've been painting with jewel tone paints for many years - despite the color trends of Color Marketing Group and Pantone. just the idea of jewel tones in a garden is making me crazy with ideas - except that my green thumb is more like all thumbs, none of them green. Potted plants have been known to commit suicide days after they are given to me (yes, i do water them!). Great, great stuff Jan!!!


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