Decorating Your Garden, Summer Style

Summer is here...the magazines tell us to lay back, relax, go to the beach....

well, some of us have to work and for us, the back yard garden is our summer retreat.

so in honor of those who are home, puttering away, here are a few ideas to Decorate Summer Style..

Flikr - joyeux artiste - a bird cage with herbs within..try this as a decorative deer protector for susceptible plants!

Cox and Cox - Ice White LED Tree Lights

Transform your garden into a fairytale in the evening with 250 pinlights.  These are on the lovely Willowleaf Pear. Also ideal for using indoors to decorate an entire room. Love the gate.

Plow and Hearth

Hang curftains on simple tension roads around your patio or deck...Use sheers for a luminous effect.

Candle Lanterns Cox and Cox

These fire-retardant paper bags are punched with a star shaped graphic to create a soft romantic glow. Place battery tea lightsinside (weigh down with a bit of gravel in case of breeze) and line them along borders and paths or dot them all over the garden.
Find a tree stump and use as a stool or side table..You can also buy one from West Elm (above)  

Use clear glass ornaments and hang them on your tree or branches in a vase.

Glass Lantern - Cox and Cox

This handsome glass lantern  is a stunner -  Why not hang it from your porch or place atop a wall or table? It will look great day or night.

Candle Wall Sconce -  Cox and Cox

Use roof tiles to make a wall sconce! The one offered by Cox and Cox is made from ancient hand-made Pyrenean roof tiles with rusted fittings and glass. The hurricane glass offers both wind protection and prevents wax from dripping onto the ground.


  1. Beautiful!! Love all of your wonderful ideas!! :)

  2. It's amazing what a little pathway or landscape lighting can do your house. The fun part is you can get creative and create some fantastic lighting.

    1. Landscape Lighting - you sure are in a good field! Lighting the night is such a magical endeavor.


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