GARDEN BEET and Willow Spheres

I am always on the look out for affordable scultpure that fits within a serenity garden... I prefer natural materials and organic shapes for a space that promotes tranquility and FUN.

Garden Beet, is a wonderful UK garden accessories site with a garden design focus. It is the run by landscape architect, Felicity Waters.You can find it on the web - Garden Beet (click on it).

(photos courtesy of Garden Beet)

The Woven Willow Spheres they sell are set on 6 ft. long steel rods and you can move them around your garden, wherever you desire a sculptural focal point. The woven sphere is entrancing and is particularly enchanting in groups....Each sphere is coated with Boiled Linseed Oil and the metal rod is untreated so it eventually rusts and blends in with the landscape surroundings..

The Woven Willow Pod is a pillow-ike feature that invites exploration and looks wonderful nestled within foliage or flowers. Strengthened with mild steel, the willow pod is coated with Boiled Linseed Oil.

Willow is a flexible and easily available wood that a growing number of artists are utilizing in their work...I haven't used it in any of my projects but I will someday....check out The Willow Farm for more information on willow products.


  1. Really pretty, I wonder how long they last in the elements...2-5 years maybe ? thanks, Gina

  2. Circles again, and ovals. Love them.

  3. love love these! i'm not usually a fan of any sort of garden art on a stick, but these are very tasteful.

  4. garden art on a stick - funny.

    a new genre: art on a stick.


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