..a Matter of Baobabs...

"It is a question of discipline," the little prince said to me later on. "When you've finished your own toilet in the morning, then it is time to attend to the toilet of your planet, just so, with the greatest care.  - 'The Little Prince', Antoine St. Exupery

On the planet of the Little Prince, the timeless book by the great Antoine St. Exupery, the baobab seedlings must be pulled up, otherwise they take over the planet: 

 "You must see to it that you pull up regularly all the baobabs, at the very first moment when they can be distinguished from the rosebushes which they resemble so closely in their earliest youth. It is very tedious work," the little prince added, "but very easy.... 

"Sometimes," he added, "there is no harm in putting off a piece of work until another day. But when it is a matter of baobabs, that always means a catastrophe. I knew a planet that was inhabited by a lazy man. He neglected three little bushes . . ."

and so it is: while we rush off in pursuit of the latest Wii game and hot movie, we have neglected to pull out the baobab seedlings. And now their roots are slowly breaking apart the planet as the Little Prince warned. 

We did not 'attend to the toilet' of our planet and we are slowly being swamped in its oil. Just as the Masai burn cow dung - a waste product -  for their energy,  so we burn oil - nature's waste of a million years ago - for our energy.  

And now we are slowly drowning in it... a terrible end, don't you think?

In the late 1800's, Nikola Tesla set about to create free energy for the world. Many think he succeeded only to be undone by powerful, profit minded individuals. We will never know. But it is time to review his amazing discoveries...


  1. I haven't read "The Little Prince" but now I think I will. Very nice post.


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