Candlelight in October ....Cool Outdoor Lights

(from Ubud Hanging Gardens site)

Its October!

The nights are getting dark but with an extra layer and some cool outdoor lights you can enjoy a magical early evening outdoors. Add some white mums, montauk daisies and white Japanese Wind Anemones ( Honorine Jobert) and - in the full moonlight - you have a captivating moonlight garden.

Montauk Daisies in October

White Mums look great next to dark green boxwood

Japanese Wind Anemone - Honorine Jobert

But if you have some extra money....consider the following lights for your garden:

The cool new OXO Candela Luau is a wonderful light that you can use on a leisurely nighttime stroll, place on an outdoor table or use is part table lamp, part emergency light, part night light, part flashlight, part candle and part lantern.

This rechargeable light stays lit for up to 10 hours and uses a dimmable, 50-Watt-equivalent LED light source inside. It features a durable, water-resistant polycarbonate housing with a stainless steel handle. Control brightness with a simple turn of the base.

A little expensive but .......

The Lucina Lantern (from Frontgate) provides a roomy interior for a large three wick 6" pillar candle or an arrangement of several size candles for an enticing glow.

If you like more earthy elements in your garden consider the smooth and sculptured Fire Rocks. (from Grandin Road)

Cast from concrete, these hand painted rocks add drama and flame to the garden. It uses Gel as th eflame source which burns up to 3 hours.

The elegant Atmosphere Lamps  are designed to thrive in the elements. These unique, weatherproof fixtures cast a warm, natural glow on outdoor rooms and patios. They plug into standard household outlets.

Solar Slate Step Stones  are made from natural slate with an energy-saving white LED light unit embedded in them. Place these solar lights flush in paths and walkways for added ambience and safety around your  garden. They  automatically illuminate during darkness because they are powered by an integral solar panel.
And lastly, consider the very cool new  Tomori  Seasonal LED Japanese Paper Lanterns ($26)...

It is the safe and modern version of the ancient Japanese paper lantern that uses LED lighting to create a multi-hued glow.  The lights subtly segue between 7 different colors to add an ambient glow to your space.

THESE ARE NOT WEATHERPROOF ...but they look so neat I had to share. This unique lantern is available in 4 traditional Japanese seasonal themes: Asagao (morning glory), Ume (plum), Sakura (cherry blossom) and Kouyou (fall leaves). 

Perfect for October.....


  1. I am so glad that you identified Montauk Daisies. I've recently seen them for the first time and wondered what those blooms were called.

    It is also wonder-full to be reminded that even as we enter the darker time of the year, our homes and hearts may continue to be lit in so many different ways.

  2. Beautiful lighting, very romantic

  3. I love all of these...especially the Luau and the Japanese paper lanterns. Thanks for telling us where we can buy them. I want them all!

  4. Very nice post.. I really enjoyed reading it and it also contains the useful designs.. I was looking for it.. Thanks for sharing.. I will look forward to it..

  5. I was so amazed to see the photos. Such beautiful outdoor lights / lamps. Great used for a romantic dinner date.

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