A Great Music Video - by Dan Algarin

My son, Dan Algarin, makes wonderful music videos and films...

Here is his latest music video for a very talented singer/songwriter, Benoit Piolard. The setting is here in Croton on Hudson, NY.

It went on Pitchfork.com  today.


  1. Great video! Fantastic filming, beautiful scenery, love the music...I want to buy it on itunes.
    Congrats Dan!

  2. Awesome Video! It really take's someone who knows what their doing in order to create/squeeze that much detail in such a short scene. My question for Dan would be, 'how long did it take you to create this scene?'... because I bet it took a LONG time! Also, where exactly is this being filmed in Croton?

  3. This apple fell very close to the tree. Lovely!


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