Flora Grubb's Aeriums

What is an aerium? Flora Grubb Gardens of San Francisco describes it as, "a tiny universe of air plants, lichens and mosses". 

Wall Bubble Aerium from Flora Grubb Gardens

It is a miniature garden in a hand blown, unique glass container....some hang, some are footed, and some are square. They are absolutely enchanting and just the sight of one makes my heart sing.

All the photos here are from the Flora Grubb Gardens website.

The areiums are described in FLORA'S BLOG. (click here). This is what she wrote:

"Our Cube Aeriums are evolving. I first began making these little aeriums as a way to relax during my work day. I love looking at the lichens and creating tiny little gardens. I loved being able to complete something.


I still make a few Aeriums every week, but we’d never have been able to share them with our customers had it not been for Liz. Liz has fallen in love with the Aeriums, too, and now spends many hours a week making them. She has taken them to a whole new level, I think. Sometimes the Aeriums she creates are so beautiful that I ask her to leave them on my desk for a few days before she puts them in the store to sell."

Wow Liz - you are quite the talented aerium designer!

 Each Aerium includes at least one Tillandsia (air plant) and a collection of little living things collected from the forest floor. Flora says, "I hope that every time you gaze at your Aerium you are reminded of a walk in the forest."

They came up with the word 'Aerium' as a way to describe their terrariums with no earth. All of the living things in the Aerium collect their nutrients from the air rather than from soil. They can ship them to you wherever you are but not in the dead of winter - the plants will freeze in the mail.

The Footed Aerium sit perfectly on a desk or table - and Flora says, "they exude a little love and serenity: the perfect work companion!"  

I would love to have one of these on my desk.


  1. Those are amazing! I have tillandsias, but the aeriums are something totally new to me. How charming.

  2. When I read this post, it reminded me of Chinese and Japanese gardens, where they try to recreate a symbolic miniature representation of the earth in a single tiny garden.
    I love these aeriums! The idea of bringing the garden inside will help me get through the long, cold winter. I will definitely order some for myself as well as for gifts.


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