Drumstick Allium - Deer Resistant Early Summer Flower (must plant in Fall)

I must admit I first discovered Drumstick Allium when I could not find any other allium bulb to buy...it was late fall and I had waited too long to buy the popular Globemaster Alliums...
What to DO? I bought the Drumsticks and was thrilled at the result.

These purplish - red blooms are small - 1" -and oval shaped.  They bloom in my part of the world in June atop wiry 24" - 30" tall stems and wave in the breeze...and they make a superb cut flower (which you can dry to be an 'everlasting').


 Drumstick Allium bouquet - Martha Stewart Photo
Drumstick Alliums look fantastic tucked in the early summer flower border...You can add these small bulbs easily in the fall around clumps of established perennials such as Artemesia, Yarrow, Nepeta and Agastache. They peek out around these plants and are a delightful addition that come back every year!


Artemesia Powis Castle - Great with Drumstick Alliums - Great deer resistant Combo!

White Flower Farm sells Drumstick Allium bulbs with Paprika Achillea (Yarrow). What a colorful combination which, yes, is DEER RESISTANT...its Apple-red blooms stands above lovely ferny foliage. 'Achillea' is named for Achilles, who supposedly learned of Yarrow's medicinal qualities from his mentor, Chiron the Centaur, and used it to treat his men's wounds on the battlefield.


White Flower Farm Photo - deer resistant Drumstick Allium and Paprika Achillea

And don't forget 'Cotton Candy' Agastache - or Hummingbird Mint  - with Drumstick Allium. The website Defining Your Home, Garden and Travel recommends this combination with this fantastic photo:

HYSSOP 'COTTON CANDY' with Drumstick Allium -deer resistant

Cotton Candy Hyssop (Agastache) is a vigorous, compact grower that  blooms non-stop from midsummer through fall. The dense flower spikes have light pink flowers. It grows to about 24" tall. Agastache attract hummingbirds.

close up of Cotton Candy Agastache
So do not overlook the Drumstick Allium - just make sure you plant in a sunny, well drained location...and don't worry about the deer and rabbits...YAY!


  1. Drumstick Allium is not a widely used bulb in my area but anyone who has planted them is thrilled. The trick for maximum effect is to plant them in groups of 5 or more.

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