FLOWER VASES - not your mom's vase...

courtesy - martha stewart living

Flower vases may be the most overlooked decor item for the home but still every designer has tried his or hand at vases....and you can see why - this lovely cottage kitchen above would not be the same without all those flowers in vases scattered about!

So now, as we venture indoors in the colder time of year, it may be a good time to explore some possibilities for showing off Nature's bounty:

First possibility : The Watering Can

 any old one will do - go to antique stores and stock up on watering cans - a great gift as a vase....

courtesy Slack 12

An unusual idea : the faux Grass Vase.

The Normann Copenhagen website writes:

 "Grass is a reminder of the strong contrasts that exist between the civilised and the uncivilised, as expressed in the contrast between the asphalted road and an untouched roadside."

Claydies, the creators of this stoneware vase, explains:

"During the development phase of the vase Grass, we carefully hand modeled all of the details. A small and humble flower can become important in Grass. The flowers grow in grass, so for us it was natural to surround the flower with grass. But Grass can also stand alone and just be."

This vase was so popular that they ran out of the medium size... so they decided to have a class make their own grass vase!  Look here for photos by clicking.

Third : Japanese Sensibility

This gorgeously polished agate vase was created for the Japanese art of flower arranging, Ikebana, with its emphasis on simplicity and balance. A slice of Brazilian agate, it has a small water reservoir within that keeps blossoms and stems fresh. Harmony with nature. Handcrafted in Oregon.

Fourth : Take a Can, Cover with Cork....

You must check out the directions for making this - Click HERE ... buy a sheet of cork and clean an empty can and there you go!


This is my favorite...from Henry Road website....Perfect for the holidays.  Makes any flower look amazing. (But now it seems to be out of stock - I cannot find it on their website a mere 8 hours later.....such is life...)


  1. Great post! What a beautiful way to start my day! I love vases, and as a avid gardener I use many of them throughout the year. Today I have posted a photo of my final "clean up the beds for winter" bouquet in an antique french enamel pitcher. This simple vase is also wonderful filled with narcissus in the spring, dahlias and zinnias in the summer and amarylis and pine branches in the winter. Thanks for the post, I can sense some new additions to my collection!

  2. One of my favorite vases for larger wild flowers like daisies, brown-eyed susans, and such, was a white enamel container I bought in an antique store. It was filled with daisies and zinnias on my carefully set table in our newly purchased old wreck of a farmhouse--wooden painted table, blue & white checked tablecloth, beanpot of baked beans made from scratch--to impress my visiting mother and her old friend from nursing school. When they saw this assemblage, they laughed hysterically. Turns out my vase was an old-fashioned hospital male urinal.

    I still use it occasionally even though we are much more refined these 40 years later.

    Even so, the only one of the illustrated vases here I can relate to is the watering can. My method of flower arrangements is to cut flowers and put them in a container which holds them with no other effort. I am a board-certified klutz.

  3. hysterical! I can so relate to that story - I bet I would love the male urinal vase.

    wish you had taken a photo of that scene - sounds beautiful with the checked tablecloth...

    Your urinal is kind of like Marcel DuChamp's famous urinal for a fancy art exhibition in France in 1917.....he titled it 'Fountain' and signed "R. Mutt". Wikipedia says: " The work is regarded by some as a major landmark in 20th century art. Replicas commissioned by Duchamp in the 1960s are now on display in a number of different museums."

    so there you go - fine art on your farm table!


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