Happy Thanksgiving!

No matter what religious tradition you follow - this will give you a warm feeling....Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Thanksgiving may have begun as a religious event but it is today, at least in the USA, celebrated by members of most religious groups, including orthodox branches of the world's most populous religions. The USA may not have ever been a melting pot but it has, nevertheless, made all to feel at home.

  2. so true! "made all to feel at home" -

    this song has a religious background and that is why I said what I said...

  3. Beautiful! This literally gave me chills while making me feel warm inside! So much fun to try to figure out who was originally in the group and who just joined in!

  4. don't know why these spontaneous events bring tears to my eyes! maybe the surprise and smiles that they bring to un-expecting people going about their business in there own little worlds and the oneness that results is what makes me overwhelmed!

  5. God Bless Public singing. look at all the love and smiles. How Wonderful!


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