I am heading out to teach today so I do not have time to write at length..the class is 'Secrets of Creating Serenity Gardens'...as they are 'secrets' I don't write about them here -

Rainbow Swiss Chard

but please note the 'Color Energy' insert on the sidebar on the right -  

Gomphrena 'Buddy Purple' and 'Jack Frost' Brunnera

Color is energy and you are energy , put them together and you get an omelette! (so to speak).

When I was in college decades ago we were asked to write our vision of the future...Everyone wrote about a 'Jetson-like' (a cartoon about flying cars and robot maids)  reality...

Dwarf Iris

I wrote about how everyone would wake up and 'know' what color the day was...and would wear that same color by intuition...do you ever notice how you end up wearing the same colors everyday as someone in your life or surroundings? its uncanny....

Plants use color and light energy to live...so do we, we are just not as colorful...

Hakonechloa 'Beni Kaze'

here is one of my favorite books, I have had it for years:


  1. I have seen superb images on other bloggers' sites that I have wanted to post to mine, simply to pay homage to someone's superb photography or garden design. I have been reluctant to do so because there are contradictory opinions in the blogging community about its appropriateness.

    That is why I am pleasantly surprised that you posted an image from Toronto Gardens. Did you ask for prior permission, or like me, simply assumed that accreditation is sufficient?

    Some bloggers are treating all original material found on line as copyrighted while others are comfortable using material as long as it is accredited. This has turned out to be a volatile topic, especially for bloggers who work in media where such matters are critical.

  2. well, so far I have been linking to the site if I use a photo.. I assume the link is critical...but perhaps I am wrong?

  3. Hi, Jan,

    If you're going to use one of our photos, I'd prefer to be asked first – as we say on our blog. Our email address is on the site, and we would gladly have given permission, especially with a link back to our blog. Right now, our name somehow appears in your header (though doesn't link back to us) and the photo only links to the online address of the photo itself.

    I came across it by randomly Googling "Toronto Gardens blog" on a whim just a minute ago. If you could embed a link back to us with the image, I'd appreciate it.

    It's quite easy to do in Blogger. Just go into the HTML editor, highlight the code for the photo and then create a link to the source... in this case, torontogardens.blogspot.com -- then we have happy bloggers all round!

    Cheers and happy gardening,

    Helen at Toronto Gardens

  4. Garden fountains are the best choice to add serenity to the environment. With fountains you can convert even a small space into a beautiful one.
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  5. I am a Landscape Architect moving to the Philippines in a few weeks. The work abroad website doesn't ever seem to have too many jobs on it. So far I've done what I would do here when looking for work, that is get online, find out the who the firms are, get clued up about them and then give them a call.


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