Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Gardening Pals #1

It is that time of year and you want to give wonderful, heart warming gifts to your dear friends...unusual and touching presents that acknowledge who they are and what they are into...not just hand cream.... right?

And you don't have a lot of money to spend and you would rather order now, from the computer, than go crazy in a crowded and crazed shopping scene...

So in that spirit I am going to suggest some inexpensive gift ideas for your gardening pals...the money limit is $15. and less for some fab ideas...

the market research is this:  If I want it then they will too.

and remember that the gift wrap is as important... recommends getting flour sack dish towels and using them as gift wrap - two gifts in one! and no waste.

Here are some ideas ( click on the titles for the websites)

Enjoy a full year of Horticulture on one handy disc. This CD contains the 7 Horticulture issues published in 2008, reproduced in their entirety, appearing just as they did in print.  and best of  all: it is SEARCHABLE, PRINTABLE & PORTABLE
This keyword-searchable collection includes internal and external links — you can quickly flip between articles and instantly visit helpful Web sites. All articles are in PDF format, making them viewable on both PCs and Macs with Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher.

Practical advice

Turn to the Q&A column in each issue for help with common lawn and landscape problems. Get advice on hand saws, light stands and the home greenhouse. Learn to combine bulbs and other plants to best effect.

Inspiring gardens

Visit the Chocolate Flower Farm, Joy Creek Nursery and the rock garden at Plant Delights Nursery, as well as private gardens in New York, Alaska, Connecticut, Washington and England.

Outstanding plants

Echinacea, African daisies, flowering tobacco, unusual impatiens, violets and agaves were featured in 2008, along with many other ornamental and edible plants.

This high quality gift wrap from Amazon measures 20 by 28 inches each and is wonderful for mounting and even framing. Cavallini Papers has been producing high quality images on paper products for over 20 years. Images are taken from various museums and archives throughout the world.

Buy this and then go to Office Max (or more expensive Kinkos) and get it laminated and mounted on foam core board ...Voila! An inexpensive wall print....ready to hang...

Herb Garden Wheel  $7.50

Rotate this smart colorful wheel to plan your next culinary herb garden. Edited by one of America's leading horticulturists, Ruth Rogers Clausen, this waterproof wheel is packed front and back with herb gardening and cooking information and colorful photographs. For USDA Zones 4 to 8. (Diameter: 10 1/2 in.) 7.50

What every gardener wants but won't spend  the money to buy : soil enrichments. Organic SoilSyrup is the most concentrated organic material available for improved plant growth and soil improvement. SoilSyrup's rich organic makeup is incredibly beneficial for improving the growth of all plants and quickly revitalizing soils. SoilSyrup is a must-have to condition and activate the soil in potted plants and container gardening. With SoilSyrup, there's no need to go through the hassle and mess of changing potting soil, simply add SoilSyrup every time you water for healthier soil and better indoor gardening, container gardening, rose gardening and houseplant care. It's that easy.

Provides a rich supply of humus to your soil to greatly improve growing conditions in the soil and improve nutrient uptake. Simple to use liquid concentrate is a perfect addition to any fertilizing program for more effective fertilizing.

A worm compost tea kit to  brew your own vermicompost tea.  6 tea baggies (enough to make 12 gallons of tea) in a nice little box. Worm compost tea - what every gardener dreams of (smile)...

Pikake Plant - Jasmine of Hawaii  $8.95

Familiar to world travelers who have spent time in Hawaii, this fragrant member of the Jasmine family is called the princess flower in the islands and is used in the famous Hawaiian lei. This is also the source of the floral flavoring in jasmine tea and the jasmine scent in many perfumes. Gently vining, evergreen plants with masses of fragrant white blooms, grow slowly and are well suited to containers. Pikake plants bloom from summer into fall and full sun produces the best flowering. Note:  Pikake ships early March through June, Priced for a sturdy plant in a 5.5" pot :

12-15" tall, spreads 10-12" wide, Full sun to light shade in very hot areas, USDA zones10-11 outside, anywhere indoors, Bloom Time:Summer into autumn


  1. Thanks, but I just want expensive gifts for the garden, which, of course means that I'm not getting any.

  2. Nice Blog. Keep up the excellent work. Visit our site and share some of your best gardening tips.

  3. Its a great Blog.Keep posting more.Because LED grow light emit very little in the way of heat, LED Grow Lights allow your plants to keep cooler.

  4. Thanks for cool tips Jan. I may even use some for the Christmas!(though I am not too sure if a warm compost tea would be welcome :-)) btw I have never payed any attention to Pikake plant, but its picture looks amazing - so fragile and subtle, like metaphore of sensitivity.

  5. metaphor of it.

  6. I’ve been trying to exercise and drink more tea everyday. With and these flowering teas, it’s been a breeze!

    Up til now, Jasmine Flower is my favorite!

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