Garden Calendars for 2011 - Serene, Arty, Informative - and Best selling...

How quaint! a calendar on paper...with little boxes denoting days! 

You might think that calendars are passe due to all of our cell phone and computer schedulers....but the Gardener's calendar still lives on. 

 I looked at some calendars that go beyond the cottage gardens and beautiful flowers variety (although these are all wonderful) ....and I found a few that might be of interest to you.

The 2011 University of Massachusetts Garden Calendar is titled,  'Plants that Inspire' (click on title for info)

It showcases a collection of plant images with a brief description of each plant photo. Daily gardening tips provide information on garden pests and management strategies as well as “how-to and when” tips such as dates to plant peas, renovate lawns, prune and fertilize roses and conserve water in the landscape and many more.

A great and informative calendar.

You might prefer the Trees calendar from National Geographic. Long and narrow, it is perfect for that skinny wall that nothing fits on.... and pretty too.

Or if you are more Design oriented then try the Art Forms in Nature calendar. It is a collection of photographs by the famous Karl Blossfeldt, a 20th century photographer with an amazing eye.

Or perhaps you choose serenity and calm over all the others and gravitate toward the Zen: A Year of Reflection Calendar

And the perennial best-seller The Old Farmer's Almanac 2011 Gardening Calendar which offers gardening tips, timely advice, and an original full-color illustration.

Plus, an outdoor planting table identifies the best days and Moon phases for planting vegetables.

You can get it for a great price on Amazon:


  1. especially love the "art forms in nature" calendar. now i want to learn more about karl! would it be rude to ask my daughter if she would mind exchanging "The Office 2011 Wall Calendar" she gave me for xmas for one of these?: )

  2. lol! you are too funny...but Steve Carell is kind of cute, too.

  3. Thanks for shedding the light on these- I didn't know they existed!

  4. I value your having time to speak about this. I am passionate concerning this topic and really enjoy understanding more about it.

  5. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing your opinion. Because it improves our skills and knowledge.


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