Made Wijaya revisited

I have written about Made Wijaya before in this blog  (click here for other post) but I would like to revisit his Balinese work..he is a true artist in the tropical garden...

calling himself an 'aesthetic road warrior' (I love that).

Landscape architecture students take note: the roots of this profession lie in plants and our relationship to them. It is an atavistic passion that lurks in us all.


  1. Jan, Thanks for sharing this! Wonderfully inspirational comments, including the one you mention "aesthetic road warrior", and also "artful nature". At one point he laments "...or the next generation, there won't be any 'poetic gardners'". I love that idea, poetic gardner! Great stuff to think on!


  2. Thanks! Isn't he great? Poetic gardeners of the world unite!


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