Naumkeag White Birch by Rich Pomerantz - Photo of the Day

photo of naumkeag by Rich Pomerantz

Richard Pomerantz is a professional photographer. He won a commendation from the Garden Photographer of the Year website in the 'Beautiful Gardens' category. This is what Rich wrote. It helps if you know the iconic shot of the blue stairs at Naumkeag...

"Fletcher Steele's 'Blue Stairs' is the centerpiece of the landscape at Naumkeag, a property of the Trustees of Reservations [in Stockbridge, Ma]. 

Everyone photographs this staircase from the same vantage point - head on. 

You can find the tripod hole marks in the ground to make that postcard photo, but I wanted to interpret it in my own way. 

Working on a book, 'Great Gardens of the Berkshires', I decided to create my own interpretation of this truly beautiful and innovative landscape design feature. I visited the site numerous times over a two year period, in all seasons, photographing the stairs from several angles.

 I realized autumn would give me what I was looking for and found this angle. It was perfect."


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