Photo of the Day - Jack Youngerman Sculpture


This graceful work takes a flat rectangle and twists it into curving forms; it appears lightweight and to be almost floating. Youngerman has an abiding interest in non-Western art and his work, to me, conjures up a Japanese feeling. 

It speaks of waves,wings and leaves, complementing the natural forms found in a garden. The cast fiberglass piece is clean and fresh against the green feathery pines behind it. Without the pines it would not stand out as it does. The landscape and the art are intertwined.

Youngerman was introduced to the arts on the GI Bill in the post-WW 2 School of Paris, which offered instruction by masters such as Constantin Brancusi, Jean Arp and Henri Matisse. These artists and their fluid, organic forms influenced Youngerman greatly. 

He is 87 now and still going strong. I took this photo in 2013 at the LongHouse Reserve in Long Island, NY. This place combines great landscapes with great art - a definite 'must see'.


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