The sparkling 'Silver Frost' Pear

design by Peter Fudge - Silver Frost Pear Arbor

The ornamental 'Silver Frost' pear (Pyrus salicifolia 'Silver Frost'), also known as the willow leaf pear, is grown for its  branches sporting 3- to 4-inch long narrow, silvery leaves that look very much willow leaves. It is a wonderful small tree that makes a bright silver accent in the landscape. 
It grows to about 15 feet tall and  in late winter has bud tips tinged with pink. In early spring the buds open to expose white, five-petaled pear blossoms. The tree's small fruits are hard and bitter to eat. It has  little fall color.

source: connon nurseries
The 'Silver Frost' pear tree can tolerate pollution and  is not picky about soil type or pH.  Likes well drained soil - not wet soil!  'Silver Frost' grows in zones 4 - 7  but likes temperate conditions  - it is not tolerant of long freezes in winter or hot, arid summers. Grows in sun.
In late winter, you will need to prune the tree to maintain its shape. You can also trim and shape it  as a topiary. It makes a great arbor - as shown above.


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