Garden Photo of the Day - A Serene Water Feature

Margie Grace and Associates, Santa Barbara, CA
Water features elevate a garden.. the sound and presence of clean water enhances the atmosphere. Try a recirculating fountain like this.


  1. I love water features in the garden, and birdbaths in particular! The green is stunning though, even against all the green plants. Makes me feel like I'm on vacation!!

    1. Thanks Laura! - I am always looking for an image that is instantly calming...

  2. Or you can come to my house and listen to it rain every day. I enjoy watching the robins bathe in the birdbath. Love your new photo at the top!

    1. Hi Denise! - the incessant rain... thanks for your comment on the new photo - it took me a while to get the courage to change it.

  3. Very nice fountain... looks like refreshing oasis of the garden
    Have a great Sunday!

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :)

    1. Good morning, Juliana....thank you so much for commenting...ah, serenity in the garden -especially on a Sunday.


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