In Love with Coleus.

'Pineapple Splash'  - photo by Jan Johnsen  

 I have had a love affair with coleus ever since I grew it in plastic pots on a windowsill in a small New York city apartment as a teenager.

Back then there were maybe 3 varieties of coleus available and I got mine as cuttings from adult friends.

They were my introduction to plants ( followed by the infamous hanging  'spider plant' - remember those? denizen of all 'homey' restaurants in the 1970s....)

Kong Coleus - photo by Jan Johnsen

Well, I have grown up and so has coleus.....

The colorful foliage of Coleus is making a comeback as breeders introduce new varieties to supplement the old faves.  The diversity of foliage color, leaf shape, and growth habit  - and the fact that coleus tolerates both full sun and part shade  - make them a valuable addition to any garden.

Coleus are great both in beds and containers...There are so many varieties to choose from - where to start?

I say start with 'Pineapple Splash', 'Inky Fingers' and 'Kong' coleus...Yellow, red and multi colored, in that order....

Inky Fingers Coleus from White Flower Farm

You can certainly try more but these three are a good bet.

Coleus will overwinter inside and they will root from cuttings that you take...Easy!

And that is why I love coleus so much.  I like Easy...They mix well with others too:

Kong with Angelonia 'Wedgwood Blue' - Jan Johnsen

This lights up an Early Fall evening for sure....Jan Johnsen

question: is the plural of 'coleus' - colei?


  1. Thanks for sharing useful info on virtually identical, here i got lots of knowledge about it.

  2. I did not like coleus until the last few years -- it kind of grew on my (not literally). I have three kinds growing around this summer. I grew Kong one year and in the ground ,it gets big.

    1. Hi Swimray! Kong gets huge...try the variety called 'Watermelon'


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