'Angel Wing' Variegated Solomon's Seal - Photo of the Day

photo courtesy of Plant Delights Nursery 
 The wonderful Plant Delights nursery has introduced a sport of one of my favorite plants, the variegated fragrant Solomon's seal  (named the 2013 Perennial Plant of the Year.)  It is called 'Angel Wing' (Polygonatum odoratum 'Carlisle') and has an extra wide, creamy leaf edge.

The fragrant Solomon's seal is a shade-loving perennial that typically grows to 18-24” tall on gracefully arching, unbranched stems.  In spring it is adorned with small, dangling, white tubular flowers that have a sweet, lily-like fragrance. 

Polygonatum is native to Japan, China and Korea. It is a hardy plant, Zones 3a to 8ba, and is vigorous grower. A bright addition to a light shady area! 


  1. Plants and their leaves can be just as interesting as the coloured petals of flowers.

    All the best Jan

  2. My wife wants me to build a terraced garden. Do I just set planter boxes on top of each other? Anyone have great landscaping tips?

    bryanflake1984| http://www.mblandscape.com/masonry-stone-pavers-new-york-rockland-county.html

    1. go to Pinterest and check out all the great ideas there on terraced gardens...type in terraced gardens and see what comes up!

  3. It's great to live in a place like this, I like the scenery here, there's something so peaceful and serene.


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