The Magic of Water - Diana Memorial Fountain, Hyde Park

by Gustafson - Porter, photo by Peter Guenzel   

Gustafson-Porter designed the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in the UK.  The design firm describes the water effects as such: 

"Dividing at the top, detailed grooves and channels combine with air jets to animate the water. 
Sparkling, energetic effects include, 
Swoosh’, ‘Steps’ 
and ‘Rock and Roll’
At the base, the two streams of water merge to form a still, reflective basin."

I love that - swoosh and rock and roll effects in a fountain.

Gustafson Porter fountain by Helene Binet

This memorial is located in Hyde Park and is designed to be "a peaceful, sculptural landscape form, evoking qualities much loved in Diana. The fountain is designed to radiate energy as well as to draw people inwards."

The evocative power of a defined, curvilinear shape in the landscape is exemplified here. 
Gustafson - Porter photo by Helene Binet
The 545 pieces of Cornish granite that make up the fountain were designed and cut using ground-breaking digital technology.  A great way to use modern methods in landscape elements. 

The design works with the natural slope of the land. Site-sensitive, as well.

photo by Peter Guenzel
This is a beautiful memorial that engages people (and their feet!) and epitomizes Serenity in the Garden.   Bravo, Gustafson-Porter and Hyde Park!

overall fountain - photo by photo by Jason Hawkes


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    1. Thanks Sharon - I think so too...would like to go.

  2. I love this fountain and have walked by it many time I will have to put my feet in it

    1. Amy - I love that! I am all for getting your feet wet there! Thanks for that great comment. someday I will get there....


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