The New Garden Design Magazine - Its Great!

The new re-imagined Garden Design book-a-zine is out - and what a first issue it is!  

Garden Design Premiere Issue 2014

This is a completely new incarnation of the stalwart magazine that we have known for years. This new edition goes beyond the glossy photos of furniture and lush outdoor enclaves that dominated the pages of the previous Garden Design to delve into fascinating details, ideas, places, people and plants. It harks back to the early days of Garden Design when I would read the magazine cover to cover.  

This is one of the articles

I am an huge a fan of the new Garden Design (full disclosure: I am a contributing editor of Garden Design) - it is a basically a gorgeous book that has NO ADVERTISEMENTS. 

A big plus is that the paper quality is the best - book quality - and as you turn the fully illustrated pages you realize you are reading  a compelling new garden book - one that has been developed with care and an honest desire to create a publication that speaks to the Garden Design enthusiast. 132 pages of wonderful information.

The publisher and editors at the new Garden Design are committed to creating a magazine (I prefer 'book-a-zine') that fills the gap between the high end shelter magazines, professional landscape architecture magazines and horticulture publications.  It is exactly where professional landscape designers find themselves - at the nexus of these three wonderful areas of interest. 

I write the feature called Life's Work. It is on the last page of the publication. I interview people that have made a great contribution to the world of garden design. This issue features the eminently fascinating John Danzer, head of Munder-Skiles based in Garrison, NY. 

This is a great time to subscribe - click here.

Articles You Will See in Every Issue:


Focuses on anything that’s new or interesting related to gardens, plants, and design.
Profiles an innovative leader who is paving the way in a particular facet of garden design.
Highlights gardens across America designed by landscape designers or garden enthusiasts.
Provides detailed “how-to-grow” information on specific plants and how to design with them.
Showcases furnishings, fixtures, and decor that embellish the garden, making it eye-catching.
Showcases an established designer with strong style; highlights qualities of their designs.

Focuses on a unique artistic product or idea; includes a profile of the artisan who created it.
Presents an in-depth look at how design techniques were used to resolve a specific problem.
Explores local topics that are interesting to design-conscious readers in the U.S. and Canada.


  1. Isn't it great to have GD back and even better than ever. I have saved all my past copies and I can see I will be saving them in the future too! Love the idea of a book-a-zine. Enjoyed your interview and was happy to see you are a contributing editor.

    1. Hi Laurin! Thanks so much for that! John Danzer is a fascinating guy...I too have my GD copies...what to do with all of them??

  2. I love seeing all the new things you post about gardening! I am working on mine right now. And am always looking for new ways to help it grow. Thanks!

  3. I'm cutting back on the number of gardening magazines I subscribe to, but this does sound interesting.


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