Bluish Reds and Blues and Whites.. go together in a Garden

Always note if a red in your garden is a 'cool red', tinged with blue,  or a 'warm red', tinged with yellow. 

The Cool Reds or Bluish Reds go well with other blue-toned colors like a blue-toned lavender or pink. 

The sight of a warm color is a little jarring when you are aiming for a feeling of serenity in the garden....

Super Hero Rose and Rozanne Geranium - Garden and Photo by Jan Johnsen

Camassia Bulb - click here for photo source

Super Hero Rose

Appleblossom Flower Carpet Rose -a bluish Pink

Nepeta, Russian Sage, perennial Blue Salvia - all go well  with  bluish reds.

And throw in some white in for a little respite!

Montauk Daisies


  1. That super hero rose - just a wonderful colour.

    All the best Jan

  2. My mother really wants to turn her back yard into a "Secret Garden" kind of place. She would love the landscaping job that you have done! She loves to be surrounded by many different plants and trees in her yard.

    Dexter |


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