Nature Speaks - a great radio program!

This past week I was interviewed by Christine Agro about the ideas in my book, 'Heaven is a Garden - Designing Serene Outdoor Spaces for Inspiration and Reflection'.

Christine is very insightful ...she searches for the answers to why things happen, how they connect and what we can do to assist all of this. 

She says that Nature is not a backdrop for humanity to live against; it is a wise and powerful guide that we can all learn from.

Her website says,

'She seeks to find a simpler, more gentler way to live our lives and when she does,she passes this information on to you!'

That is why Christine Agro contacted me. Her internet radio show 'Nature Speaks' talks of how we are a part of nature and how we can get in touch with this understanding. She says that all the support and guidance you need is literally right outside your door.  Her guests are fascinating people and her questions open up a whole new world that listeners enjoy.

Andy Goldsworthy dandelions

 She wants people to learn from the wisdom of the trees, the patterns in nature, the power of the seasons. And it is working! After my interview with her she got an email from Turkey from someone who loved our discussion.   Talk about global reach!

We had a great conversation about designing with nature - click on below to hear interview:

'Heaven is a Garden', Jan Johnsen Radio Interview with Christine Agro on NATURE SPEAKS - April, 29-2014


  1. Love those dandelions and the mandala tree roots, and good you are out promoting your book.

    1. Thanks Terra! (great name, btw)...Promotion does not come naturally to me but spreading the word about working and living in concert with nature does...

      we have to relearn the old ways....


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