Create a Yoga Garden

Yoga outdoors - the best  

I was asked to write a short article about creating a Yoga garden . Here is the link to that article: (click on it):  How to Create a Yoga Garden 

As I shared my thoughts I realized that outdoor spaces for yoga practice are very special spaces - like an outdoor sanctuary. If you set about to choose a space in a property consider these factors:

  •  Old trees can add solemnity and stateliness. 
  • Dry places to sit are imperative. 

  • Dappled shade for afternoon practice; a sunny spot for early morning yoga.
  • White flowers are a big plus...why? white is the perfect color for elevating the atmosphere.
snow cone shrub rose - Jackson and Perkins
  • Large stones or stone statues 'ground' the scene, add stability and peace.
  • Water scintillates. Quiet flowing water of any sort adds sparkle and dynamic movement. 

For much more go to the article:  How to Create a Yoga Garden  I hope it inspires you to make a little Yoga spot outdoors....


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